Canada: Why You Want Your Son To Play Professional Hockey On The 3HL TOUR

The 3HL TOUR is the world’s first 3 on 3 Professional Hockey League showcasing Canada’s elite hockey talent through a series of 3 on 3 pro hockey tournaments (3HL TOUR Events) across southern Ontario.

As Canada’s Professional Hockey League the 3HL TOUR provides Elite Canadian Hockey Players a unique Opportunity to Play Professional Hockey in Canada and to choose the 3HL TOUR over other professional hockey leagues including the ECHL / AHL and European Pro Leagues, along with providing a transition for many NHLers, as it provides financial incentives, a reduced physical grind, along with the allure of being close to home allowing them the option to pursue other aspects of their lives while pursuing the dream of playing professional hockey.

Skill Development

Having recently been implemented as the overtime format professionally, 3 on 3 has quickly become the most exciting part of hockey and the wave of the future. With 100,000’s of youth across North America playing 3 on 3, we are seeing the sport played with increased playmaking potential allowing for more scoring opportunities and a faster pace of play.

3 on 3 hockey has been proven to increase the overall skills and playmaking abilities of players as a result of the following:

  • More touches…
  • More creativity…
  • More time & space…
  • More opportunities…
  • More scoring…
  • More fun…

Career Development

Why do we set our kids up for failure? As has been seen time and time again, life after hockey can be difficult and while a very select few make enough money to support themselves after hockey and most of them also have difficulties (life after hockey isnt easy for former NHL players) unfortunately the majority either give up their pro hockey dreams, or end up wasting 8-10 years of their life travelling on buses and overseas for little or no money, and then coming home to the reality that they have sacrificed years of their working lives and then have the diffucult task of fiinding work once they return home to Canada.

The 3HL TOUR is an opportunity for elite hockey players to play professional hockey in Canada. With many talented young hockey players moving on from Jr or returning home from the NCAA and/or CIS hockey and looking to pursue their hockey careers, along with experienced professionals looking to continue their careers. The ability to play professional hockey while remaining in Canada and close to home, combined with the fact that the tournaments are played primarily on the weekend, makes the 3HL TOUR an ideal choice compared to other out of country or overseas professional hockey leagues, enabling players to live the dream of playing pro hockey while pursuing other aspects of their life including family, friends, and a career outside of hockey.


At this point, we all know and recognize the significance and seriousness of head injuries, and the long term effects they can have on someones life. While we can’t expect our children to wear bubble wrap, we can look at safer alternatives when it comes to sports. While other professional hockey leagues look to reduce the chances of head injuries through equipment and rule changes, thankfully while the 3HL TOUR does allow for contact, due to the open play of 3 on 3 and the time and space available on the, along with the skill and speed of the players, the chances are greatly reduced.

Now is the time

With the 3HL TOUR now on it’s second season, with 18 scheduled tour dates this season, now is the time to get out and support Canada’s Pro Hockey League and enjoy some 3 on 3 Professional Hockey in your Hometown!!!

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