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Hockey has grown from an outdoor pastime played on the frozen pond with little or no rules and limited equipment, to its present day form as a highly organized and extremely competitive sport contested at all levels of play and until now few changes have truly revolutionized the sport. As a spectator sport the game …

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The 3HL TOUR is Canada’s Professional Hockey League “If we count the 400 game league minimum for the Player Pension as having a ‘career’ in the NHL, then 0.16 percent (1/625) will get drafted into the NHL and only 0.02 percent (1/5000) of hockey-playing boys in Ontario will make a ‘career’ out of hockey.”  https://www.huffingtonpost.com …

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Community The 3HL provides a unique opportunity for local sports teams & leagues, community organizations, and businesses to come together in support of their local community and enjoy a fun and exiting annual hockey spectacle. Family Fun The 3HL TOUR provides a great family friendly entertainment option within the community and a chance to come …

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