Hockey Canada Rules except:

1. All play will be 3 on 3 consisting of 3 players and a goalie for each team.

2. Minor Penalties will result in a penalty shot with chasers. Players not taking the penalty shot will chase down the shooter. The shooter begins at centre ice and the chasers begin at the opposing blue line. When the whistle blows, the penalty shot commences. The play continues after the shot.

3. Minor penalties shall consist of one penalty shot, double minor penalties shall consist of two penalty shots, and major/match penalties shall consist of two penalty shots, plus ejection from the game/tournament for the offending player. For double minor or major/match penalties, the first shot shall be uncontested (no chasers).

4. Instantaneous puck drop: Upon a whistle resulting in a faceoff the closest referee to the spot of the face-off will drop the puck instantaneously regardless of whether either of the centres are present.

5. Icing and offside do not exist. On face-offs, non-centres may place themselves anywhere on the ice, except within any of the faceoff circles. For face-offs on dots in the neutral zone not at centre ice, the width of the circles inside the zone will apply to this rule. Centres shall line up the standard way.

6. Games are 14 minutes (2 x 7-minute halves), running time, with stop time in the last 1 minute of the second half.

7. Tie-games will result in a sudden death over time.

8. Each team receives a 30 second time out per game, where the clock will stop until the ensuing puck drop.

9. Any attempt, at the referee’s discretion, at a delay of game will result in a minor penalty (penalty shot).

10. When the goalie covers the puck, the whistle will sound. He will then have 5 (five) seconds to play the puck, from his crease, or have one of his own players play the puck for him. The team without the puck must stay at the imaginary line created by the hashmarks. If the goalie or his teammate playing the puck leaves the crease, the team without the puck may proceed past the hashmarks.

11. Game day rosters will consist of a maximum 9 skaters & 1 goalie.

12. Over and Back Rule. Once the puck has been successfully advanced across the centre red line into the offensive zone, if the offensive team carries, passes or propels the puck to its defensive half of the ice and the offensive team was last in possession, and last touched the puck (except on shot), the result will be an immediate turnover or play-on.




8 Team Single Elimination Tournament


Top 8 Teams Based on Current League Standings – 8 Team Single Elimination Tournament


Top 8 Teams Based on Current League Standings – 8 Team Single Elimination Tournament





Roster Submission
Prior to September 1st each Team must submit to the 3HL its “Roster” which shall be comprised of not more than 15 players. Each Team must have a roster of at least 10 players, composed of 9 skaters and 1 goaltender. Players on Injured Reserve do not count in the 15-man limit.

Player Cards
Each team will have a maximum of 21 (twenty-one) “Player Cards” to be used throughout the 3HL TOUR Season. Players on Injured Reserve do not count against the 21 Player Cards

Free Agents
Any player who is not currently on a 3HL 15-man Roster can declare himself a free agent after the draft and/or prior to the end of the season if he is at least 19 years old.

3HL Entry Draft Eligibility
All players age 19 or older are eligible for claim in the 3HL Entry Draft, except:

    1. A player who has been claimed in two prior Entry Drafts;
    2. A player who previously played in the League and became a free agent

Entry Draft Order
Worst to First based on the previous 3HL season’s results

In the event of a tie for any position, such tie shall be resolved by application of the rules governing the determination of final League standings. The resulting list shall constitute the order of selection.

Injured Reserve List
Teams can place a maximum of 2 players on IR throughout the season. A player placed on Injured Reserve is ineligible to compete in 3HL games for a period of not less than 7 days.